Northwest combat event

JULY 24th 2021, Yamhill Oregon

Formerly and AMCF qualifier

Full day of events. Training and individual profight training available during event. 



  1. All teams should have at least ONE designated "SUPPORT" person. This way we can get the place cleaned up in and taken care of in a timely manner.
  2. Martials are hard to come by... if you got one or know of one, notify TEAM CERBERUS.
  3. Notify Daniel Krug of any extra requests

About the event

This is the SECOND AMCF ANNUAL QUALIFIER. At this event, two men's melee teams will be selected to represent the USA at international tournaments and the women's team will also be selected.

This event will be done in a round robin style format where ALL TEAMS will get to square off against ALL OTHER TEAMS. The primary goal of this event is HMB participation and for teams to gain fight experience. While results of official events will be tallied,teams are encouraged to continue fighting and get in as many rounds as possible.

All rules will follow the HMB rule set.

ALL martials will operate appropriately.

Weapons checks and team check in will be done first thing in the morning.... then it's off to fighting.


The schedule

The schedule is simple. Times will be updated approximately six weeks out from the event.

  1. Check in

  2. Check your weapons

  3. Check out the fight schedule

  4. Fight

  5. Eat some stuff

  6. Fight some more.

  7. Maybe hang out, watch some cool stuff and go to a winery after.

  8. Chillax

The venue


The greater location is smack dab in the middle of dozens of the best wineries Oregon has to offer. You'll be able to slip away before or after the event to do wine tasting, fine dining and treat yourself to some AMAZING scenery.

This event will be held at the Yamhill county fairgrounds in Yamhill Oregon. With this, you'll receive a TON of amenities not normally available at previous events.

  1. Male and female showers on site.
  2. Camping sites for RV's ON SITE for less than 20 bucks a night.
  3. Hotel rooms at the McMinnville Inn for less than 60 bucks a night.
  4. an ADDITIONAL COVERED ARENA for training and preparation.
  5. an ADDITIONAL OUTDOOR ARENA for training and preparation.
  6. CONCESSIONS will be on site. There is a SAFEWAY and shopping area across the street from the fairgrounds. Any other dietary needs can be met there.


ycf wine country

Feedback from Previous ACN EVENTS

"This was hands down one of - if not THE - best, most organized, most useful and translatable training events I have ever been to in over 4 years in this sport. They had professional MMA fighters teaching footwork, trips, striking power and all manner of awesomeness..."

Shanna Martin

Shanna Martin

Bad ass stuff man. Totally bad ass stuff.



Johnny Porter

Johnny Porter

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