basic responsibilities

Before you can be part of a 5 man team... You need to know the role of a two man team and how the "rail team" works together. Let's look at the different positions and what you need to know.

What is the wing and rail?

Here we define positions, talk about general field role responsibilities. We also cover the necessary traits of each position.

RAIL - Strong defensive wrestling. Understands how to use the rail and hold position. Can do a lot of "feeding" to more offensive players.

WING - Protects his rail. Finds gaps and opening. Is the "decider" on team tactics.





Basic team setup attacks


Rail Roll Through

Smash and go

This is where the wing smashes into the enemy rail fighter. The

Initiation attacks

These are the bread and butter of fast takedowns in armored combat. Knowing how to properly head rip is an absolute MUST. When a team learns the basics of the head rip, they will automatically UP their game and become better at their fighting skills.

TEXAS - Cross and hit

The Texas play is based off of basic football manuevers.

Fall Back

Sometimes allowing them to press into you is the best way to win the battle.


Standard - Defensive posture

Being ready to

TEam headrips

headrip - the setup

The common mistakes


Which head rip do I Do?


The double team

HI - Low

These takedowns were considered "taboo" and unusable when the single rail arena's existed. And, if you do fight in a single rail arena, you should avoid using these takedowns still. While they may work, grabbing that rail as a lifeline is an easy stop to these.

STILL - The single and double leg takedowns are extremely effective in today's combat set up.

  1. Use good body position.
  2. Attack at the base of the buttocks
  3. Control your grip with positive body mechanics
  4. Lock before you toss
  5. The tighter the better before you start the takedown
  6. It's easy once you learn how to do it.

Do the splits



Stuff them Under



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