ACNW is willing to sponsor any team that is primarily based in the Northwest and is willing to put their best foot forward to better the armored combat community. look here for northwest teams that are willing to teach, train and work hard to help anyone that comes knocking.

Founded in 2021. Cerberus took the Buhurt world by storm. It was a brand new team with a brand new way of fighting. They believed that staying up and protecting each other was more important than personal glory. The key to winning in buhurt was less about being offensive in nature and more about being part of a team. 

Founded in 2023 by Pat Carns, this team is all about fitting in. They work hard to make sure everyone is welcome, and all the emotions are positive. The team itself plans to debut at the PACIFIC CUP 2024 for their first melee incursion. 

Founded in 2022. This team takes the best fighters from the NW and melds them with the best fighters across the USA. It is essentially a USA all star team. It is, by design, a team meant to show off the best the USA has to offer in terms of Buhurt Fighters. 


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