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January 9th and 10th 2021 ARMORED COMBAT TRAINING CAMP

This is the training camp you've been looking for. 

World-Class fighters teaching fighters
January 9th and 10th 2021 Registration
This camp will take place in the heart of Oregon Wine Country January 9th and 10th 2021. You'll attend a 2 day event jam-packed with instruction from UFC fighters, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experts and MMA fighters. This will up your personal fight game and your TEAM fight experience.
Choose only one. Full camp will get you exclusive training with UFC Fighter ED HERMAN, Use of the LIST and INDOOR facility for all your training and ability to win a prize at the Sunday Evening Closing Ceremony.
We need you to be an ACS member for insurance purposes. The membership provides Armored Combat Northwest the ability to keep prices relatively low because of this.
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What is 7+4?

You MUST answer for form to be submittable.
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A new way to flex buhurt
Something drastically different than you've ever seen before

What would happen if there were no rails? What would happen if the LIST changed to make the small guy more dangerous than the big guy? What if size wasn't one of the biggest precursors to winning a match? 


In this game, being near the "rail" is dangerous. In this game, you MUST fight as a team both with offense and defense. In this game, being taken down means waiting a few seconds to get back in, not waiting til the end of the match. 

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Portland Team Cerberus membership

Fight with the brotherhood, fight FOR the brotherhood.
Sign up to use the Cerberus Training Facility twice a week, every week for 4 hours a pop. This facility has more amenities than any other armored combat training facility in the united states.
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armored combat sports annual membership

this membership is required for insurance purposes. without it, we could not afford to put on events. ACS membership does not preclude you from participating in any other organization events.

Pay annually, play all year long.

ACS (Armored Combat Sports) membership is required to participate in all Armored Combat Northwest training and activities. But, not only can you play with us, you can participate in ALL ACS activities across the globe. It is a membership that provides you with insurance coverage and a gateway to tons of new activities. 

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